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New Forest Wildlife Park Rotary Club event raises £2,500 for charity

NFWP keepers at the Rotary evening

NFWP keepers at the Rotary evening  

Over 170 people attended a special evening for Oakhaven Hospice and other charities at New Forest Wildlife Park last week, making the event a big success. It’s estimated that the event, organised by New Forest Wildlife Park and Hythe and Waterside Rotary Club, raised over £2,500 for Oakhaven and other charities supported by the Rotary.  Continue reading

New baby owls and Scottish wildcats at Chestnut Centre

Great Grey chicks1


What are Asian short-clawed otters saying when they squeak? How does an owl manage to turn its head almost 270 degrees? Why are there so many irritating insects and bugs?

Children will be able to find out the answers to these and many more fascinating animal facts at a series of events at the Chestnut Centre this summer. The centre is planning to put the fun into finding out at special activities for children such as otter talks and quizzes, owl talks and quizzes, ugly bug events, insect displays and a woodland craft day. Continue reading

Pine marten kits, mouflon plus summer fun at New Forest Wildlife Park

mouflon smallpine marten kit 2


Three baby pine marten kits are among the latest additions to the animals at New Forest Wildlife Park this summer.

The kits, two males and one female, were born to mum Rolo in April but only recently emerged from their nest boxes. Now they are becoming braver by the day and can be seen scampering around quite happily in their enclosure with their mother. Continue reading